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Our latest colleague focus interview

Our latest colleague focus interview is with Sheldon Jones, soon to be deployed within our Hinkley Point C team. We catch up with Sheldon and ask him what attracted him to HydroVein, what his hopes are for Hinkley and ask him to tell us a little about himself.
Ed: Hi Sheldon, welcome to the business. Let’s take a step back to your time before joining HydroVein… give us a potted history of what makes you tick?
Sh: Hi Ed, thank you. I’m excited to get going. For me, I thrive in a team environment, having job satisfaction and looking back on my work with pride. A lot of my work before hand I’ve treated as art, in a sense. I like keeping my hands busy.
Ed: I understand you are a bit of a sportsman? What do you do to keep fit and sharp?
Sh: Yeah, played a lot of sports to a decent level. I used to do Mixed Martial Arts and boxing so I was training a lot and running. Also rugby too. However I’ve recently just retired from these so its back to the gym and hopefully a bit of 6 a side footy.
Ed: You have only just joined HydroVein. What attracted you?
Sh: The fact that I heard how well they treat their staff was a big pull for me. Also the opportunity to progress and grow with the company is available to us all here. Having a chance to earn qualifications and learn attracted me to the company. Also after meeting the team it was apparent this is the place I want to be. 
Ed: Having made the decision to join the business and to initially become a member of our Hinkley team, what would make for a rewarding career?
Sh: Linking to the question above partly… I’ve been given a chance to learn, grow and understand a new sector in construction, water and civils, so I will embrace that. I sincerely believe in people’s ability to perform for the collective good, and engaging, helping and managing people is a real passion of mine. My focus will be learning, progressing and proving myself to be a vital team member. I believe that will ultimately allow progression within the company. I’m interested in bettering mine and my families life and I believe with HydroVein I more than have that opportunity. I plan on being here a long time and proving my worth.
Ed: Can you tell us something about you that might surprise us?
Sh: A couple things really, I’m a complete Nerd! I love building computers and technology, and I am a massive fan of Tesla and Elon Musk. The biggest surprise to most is that I used to manage multiple e-Sports teams in Call of Duty and CSGO taking me to Las Vegas, London and so on, memories I will never forget.  
Ed: And I have to ask… any nicknames?
Sh: Linking to my gaming days it was Sheldog, for being the big guy of the team.
Ed: Thanks for the chat Sheldon. We are delighted to have you on board and wish you the best with your career.                                   

Sh: No problem, thank you for your time.

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