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HydroVein has evolved as a direct result of supporting the deregulation of ‘Contestable Works’ by OFWAT – the economic regulator of the water sector in England and Wales. As a Self-lay provider we step in to install water mains and plot connections across an array of new residential and commercial developments; private housing, student accommodation, private rentals, military housing etc.

We are accredited and licensed to provide precisely the same end product as a regional water company historically would have – a fully adopted water supply scheme – but we do so with an agility, service and understanding of customer experience forged during 25-years in the private sector, delivering water services.


Developers choose HydroVein for reliability, efficiency, expertise and improved competitive advantage.

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“As a large developer already familiar with my responsibilities, why should I use HydroVein?”

Recognising your responsibilities is certainly key to getting things right. Making the best choice of partner can have huge benefits on your development schedule and site operation. Our depth of industry experience, the quality and competencies of our engineers, our Research & Development strategies and our standing within the sector are second to none. Choosing HydroVein guarantees that you receive the highest level of agility, responsiveness and customer service.

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