Here at HydroVein we are keen to learn more about our customer’s requirements, improve on our service and also to celebrate our best people. Take a look at our what our happy clients have to say about our services...

Q&A Customer Feedback

Marcus Jones – Jones Co.

We look for a professional company with a management team who understand our project and are personally interested – this is exactly what we got from HydroVein

Most pleased with

  • speedy, quality service
  • regular communication 
  • ‘can do’ attitude

Yes, delivery time far exceeded our expectations – HydroVein had a brief window of opportunity to book our project in earlier than scheduled, then did everything possible to make that early date work – we were delighted

Through Wessex Water website/WIRS accredited list/HydroVein Website

Very much so, from the management team to the engineers on site, everyone has been knowledgeable, helpful and committed to our job

Yes, any time, including out of hours, and on a Sunday afternoon on one occasion!

Shaune Hicks – Construction Director, Larkfleet Homes South West

That’s an easy one for me. Firstly, quality of installation is critical. The ramifications of a sub-standard installation would be huge, impacting negatively on our new home owners and be damaging to our reputation. Not something I would ever be prepared to tolerate. Secondly, working with a self-lay provider that commits to do their work on time and actually does so, ensures our programme integrity. 

Other than fulfilling on the criteria above, I was particularly pleased with the professionalism, expertise and courtesy of the site team.

I have high expectations of my contractors and service providers, so that would be near impossible. I am genuinely pleased with your overall performance though. Well done.

Just don’t rest on your laurels! In our industry you have to get better all the time.

I have already recommended your services. I’ve not done this lightly.

Recommendation from a trusted colleague.

Every HydroVein customer is asked to provide performance feedback so that we can include real data in our Continuous Improvement and Customer Care programmes:

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